How to make mult-colors 3D Raised Heat Transfer Silicone Logo?

mult-colors 3D Raised Silicone Heat Transfer Logos

How to make mult-colors 3D Raised Heat Transfer Silicone Logo?

How to make 3D Raised Transfer Silicone Logos?

To make 3D high density Heat Transfer Silicone LOGO need Silicone materials :

  • Molding silicone ink
  • Silicone catalyst
  • Silicone pigments
  • Silicone reducer

How to make mult-colors Heat Transfer Silicone Logos?

if need to make 2 colors or more colors effect silicone patches, then need silicone reducer to liquid silicone ink for color dispensing by dispensing machine.

To make  2 colors or more colors silicone label making need following Machines :

Vacuum Vulcanizing Machine (3D transfer silicone label making machine)

Cooling machine.

Vacuum machine

Dispensing machine

Heating machine

What is 3D transfer silicone label making proces?

1st: material prepration

Silicone ink mixing and dispensing color silicone by machine or fill based layer silicone ink by hand on the 3D silicone logo mold.

Filling bellow mixing moulding silicone ink together into the mould,bellow molding silicone ink mixing ratio:

Moulding silicone    XG-360W/360W-1 60G

Silicone oil         XG-X1000      24-36G

Silicone catalyst  XG-360WB/360WB-3 6G 10%

Pigments              1.8-6G 3-5%

If for multicolor making to use vacuum machine to get mixing molding silicone ink bubbles out first then move to fill in dispensing bottles . Dispensing colors first then move to heat .Then fill the under based layer silicone ink.

2nd: Hot melt Film using

Get the hot melt film on the silicone ink filled mould

3rd. Vacuum, venting and curing by heat press machine

Machine heat press including vacuum, venting and curing together ,this should get special machine with Vacuum function together.

Cure temp : Uper temp 80-90 degree

Bottom temp 130-140 degree

Heat press for about 1 minutes including vacuum and curing.

4th. Cooling

Cold the mold, remove scrap material, Shift the stickers on the position paper.

 5th. Heat press the silicone stickers

Heat press the stickers on heat press machine by 160-170 degree for 15-30 seconds.

Video Guide of the  mult-colors 3D Raised Transfer Silicone Logo

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