How to make 3D silicone transfer stickers?

How to make 3D silicone transfer stickers?

Tips for 3D silicone transfer LOGO making:

1st : Filling bellow mixing moulding silicone ink together into the mould

Moulding silicone  XG-360W 60G

Silicone catalyst  XG-360WB 6G 10%

Pigments              1.8-3G 3-5%

2nd: Get the hot melt film on the silicone ink filled mould

3rd. Machine heat press including vacuum , venting and curing together ,this should get special machine with Vacuum funtion together.

Cure temp : Uper temp 80-90 degree

Bottom temp 130-140 degree

Heat press for about 1 minutes including vacuum and curing.

4th.Cold the mold ,remove scrap material,Shift the stickers on the position paper.

5th. Heat press the stickers on heat press machine by 160-170 degree for 15-30 minutes.

3D Silicone Heat Transfer Label Making Machine

To use a Automatic Silicone Heat Transfer Label making Machine would better help to vacuum Vulcanizing and solidifying the HD Silicone heat transfer stickers.


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