Underwear Bonding Silicone Effect

How to print silicone for under wear bonding?

Silicone printing tips for underwear bonding printing Preparation: 1.60-80(24-32T) 65-75 degree Squeegee. 2.Catalyst mixing ratio:3% 3.Silicone thinner XG-128A adding ratio:20-30%   Heating Temp and time: Flash cure temp: 120℃ for 6-10 seconds ,Drying temp: 100℃for about 10 minutes. Screen printing silicone ink for underwear bonding printing: 1.Underwear bonding silicone ink print 5 layers: Underwear bonding silicone    XG-866NY-2       100G Silicone thinner                 XG-128AH         20-30G  20-30% Fast dry catalyst                XG-866B-2          3G   3% Cure by temp of...