Golve Printing Silicone

How to print anti-slip silicone ink on a gloves printing machine?

Anti-slip gloves printing silicone ink printing tips: Preparation: Mesh: 30-60(12T-24T) to make a thick screen by emulsion. Better to use Hollow aluminum.Pigments added ratio:2-4%Catalyst mixing ratio:2% Thinner XG-128AH adding ratio:0-10%    thinner is not necessary Heating Temp and time: 120℃ -150℃ for 6-12 seconds, Heating time depends on drying temp. Silicone ink mixing tips: Printing silicone       XG-15A        60G Catalyst               XG-15B       1.2G  (2%) Pigment              XG-           1.2-2.4G  (2-4%) If need color effect To print by thick...