Elastic Silicone Ink

How to print elastic silicone ink on elastic band ribbon?

Preparation: Mesh & Squeegee: 120(48T) Mesh number; 65-75 degree Squeegee.Pigments added ratio: For white and fluorescent colors 20%, other colors 10%.Catalyst mixing ratio:10% slow dry XG-MB-1 Mid dry XG-ZB-1.Silicone thinner XG-128A adding ratio:0-20%.Heating Temp and time: cure temp: 60℃~100℃, dry by room temp. Silicone ink printing tips: 1.Elastic silicone ink clear printing for 4-6 times: Elastic Silicone XG-130A    50G   50% Elastic Silicone XG-130B    50G   50% Silicone...