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Silicone Ink for Silicone Embossing

  • Embossing silicone ink mixing.
  • Printing mixing silicone ink on the backside of the fabric.
  • Heat press printing fabric, heating time 8-12 seconds depends on temp and design size.


Shoelace Dipping Silicone

  • Dipping silicone Clear layer 1 time.
  • Dipping silicone Color layer 2-3 times
  • Dipping matte or glossy silicone for top coating dipping.


Anti-slip Socks Silicone Ink Printing

  • To print by thick screen and big holes mesh for one layer.
  • Then finish and heating by 120℃ -150℃ for 6-12 seconds.
  • Heating time depends on drying temp, Pigments added ratio:2-4%, Catalyst mixing ratio:2%.


What’s happening

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